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Get Your Life Back

Sometimes the hardest part is realizing you need help. Stop letting your environment or circumstance dictate how you live.  Now you don’t have to go it alone…  Offering individual attention through confidential coaching.

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Continuous Self-Improvement (CSI)

This package is for anyone who has worked with me previously. That means you either coached with me or attended a workshop. When life moves like a locomotive, you can easily derail your focus. This will no doubt keep you on track, maintaining balance, focus, and continuous growth.


    • Stay on Track!

    • Continue to grow and move forward

    • On-going support and accountability
    • Private, customized 1:1 coaching once a month

    • Additional access through text, email, or a quick call
    • Access to Coach Carol’s private Facebook Group



Carol will customize a speech for your specific group. She speaks on these topics:

    • Leadership

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Confidence

    • Hope & Recovery

Don’t see a topic here you want? Just ask.


Carol speaking at the public event held for Hope Soldiers 2016; Everett, Washington.

You did phenomenal on Friday. Thank you for the impact.
Lindsey Grienke

Founder and President, Hope Soldiers


Carol speaking at a small group for parents of addicts for Ohana 2015; Anacortes, Washington.

Dear Carol, …Your insight is so appreciated and I know you made a huge impact on all of us there. Thank you and we wish you only the best in your pursuit of your dreams and thank you for inspiring us all to dream ourselves and hopefully maybe pursue them! God bless you!!!
Monica Weidert

Ohana Facilitator